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CheckIntoCash was launched in the year 1993 in Cleveland, Tennessee. Today, the original office is the corporate headquarters of the entire network of CheckIntoCash offices across the United States. The office is located in two buildings of 70,000 square feet at the Village Green Town Center.

The payday advance was an innovation from CheckIntoCash. This service is offered at the CheckIntoCash payday advance centers, where customers have only to go through a basic process to get a payday advance. The customer gives CheckIntoCash a personal account check and in return, CheckIntoCash gives him or her, cash, immediately! A single flat fee is charged for this easy, convenient, completely confidential and secure method of turning checks into cash.

Ever since CheckIntoCash began the payday advance service, customers have been delighted with this opportunity to sort out difficulties that sometimes arise just before they are due to get their salaries.

The staff at CheckIntoCash is well-trained, friendly and helpful. With employment opportunities across the country, CheckIntoCash is able to offer a successful career to many, and the best are employed at the cash advance centers. These centers are comfortable, the staff is courteous and helpful, and above all, they offer efficiency. It's not surprising that the introduction of a CheckIntoCash payday advance center is greeted with pleasure by everyone. CheckIntoCash has a well-deserved name for professionalism in the areas of cash advance, payday lending and payday advances.

There are more than 1,250 CheckIntoCash centers across America. Working hours are between 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays and between 10 am and 3 pm on Saturdays.

Contact Details:

CheckIntoCash, Inc.
Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 550
Cleveland, TN 37364-0550

Call CheckIntoCash for location details: 877-262-CASH.
CheckIntoCash Consumer Hotline: 800-504-9101.

CheckIntoCash Cash Advances

This is the simplest thing! Regardless of your credit history, if you want a payday advance from one of the centers, all you have to do is write a check for your advance amount in addition to the loan fee. All you will need with you is a picture ID issued by State or Federal authorities, your latest checking account statement and proof of income such as a recent pay stub.

The check will be kept by CheckIntoCash until the day you get your next salary. Although many of those who offer payday advances will insist on depositing your check, CheckIntoCash does not do so unless state law so stipulates. Whether this is the case or not, your payday loan tides you over your financial difficulties without the need for a credit check.

What's more, if you suddenly decide not to take a loan after all, you can cancel the agreement before the end of the next day, with no cancellation fee being charged.

Instead of the usual reporting agencies used to look into loan applications, CheckIntoCash uses unusual credit underwriting principles. With these, CheckIntoCash is able to assist those with serious credit issues. All a customer has to do is to drop into one of the friendly cash advance centers to make an application for a loan.

No Need for Credit Rating Checks?

No credit rating checks are undertaken when you are applying for a loan at CheckIntoCash. Since CheckIntoCash does not use the usual reporting agencies for assessing applications, although TeleTrack and Veritec are sometimes used, customers with poor credit ratings and even those who have suffered bankruptcy can get assistance from CheckIntoCash.

Are You Short of Funds to Repay Your Cash Advance or Payday Loan?

If, due to any circumstances, you are unable to return the amount of your cash advance or payday loan, CheckIntoCash will, with regret, have to take the necessary action to recover these amounts. If a check from you is returned because you do not have enough money in your account to cover it, you may have to pay the charges for a returned check as legally required.

In addition, a bank will usually ask you to pay an NSF fee for the returned check, and might even strip you of rights over your checking account. As far as is CheckIntoCash concerned, you will have to pay the amount due in full, as well as your returned check charge. If required, CheckIntoCash will hand the matter over to a collection agency, which will get in touch with you to recover the amount due.

In Case You Need To Contact Customer Care...

With high standards of service, and attentive customer care, CheckIntoCash rarely receives complaints from clients. However, in rare cases, a customer might have a problem. If this is the case with you, and if the CheckIntoCash Center Manager does not satisfy your query completely, you can call the toll free Customer Comment Line at 1-800-504-9101 or email CheckIntoCash at

CheckIntoCash will always be glad to resolve the problem to your satisfaction and deal with any issues you may have. If disputes cannot be easily resolved arise, customers may approach the small claims court or ask for arbitration to settle the dispute. However, this is a situation unlikely to arise!

Online Payday Loans from CheckIntoCash

CheckIntoCash has an online partner -, through which payday loans are offered as a cash advance to customers and is a secure procedure, safeguarded by 128-bit encryption. Although we take applications from each of the fifty states of America as well as the District of Columbia at CheckIntoCash, online cash advance payday loans are only extended to customers in seventeen states. However, if we cannot offer you online credit, we will help you get in touch with those who can, so that your financial requirements are met. If you'd like to know the states where online loans can be offered, you'll find the information on our state licenses and fees page. And if you'd like details about the process of opting out of an agreement, or wish to learn more about privacy issues, do visit the CheckIntoCash site and go through the Privacy Policy.

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