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Cash1 is a 250-strong company operating 30 branches in key locations. Cash1 branches serve the public with various retail financial services such as short-term loans and cashing checks to name a few. Cash1 believes that being the best provider of financial services requires exceeding the expectation of consumers, that it is necessary to create a thriving work environment, and that we must be a positive player to the community in which it operates.

How Does Cash1 Process a Payday Loan?
Cash1 will only allow customers to borrow an amount that they can reasonably repay with their next paycheck. Even though state law has a maximum limit that customers can take out from a payday loan, the maximum amount available for customers will still be evaluated based on their current income.

Can Customers Still Cancel The Payday Loan From Cash 1?
Yes, Cash1 will give customers a chance to rescind the loan transaction without cost at the end of the business day by returning the full amount of the loan.

What Happens If Customers Change My Mind After Taking Out A Payday Loan With Cash 1?
Cash1 gives customers an opportunity to rescind the transaction at no cost before the end of the following business day by returning the full amount of the loan.

Can Customers Take Out A Loan With A Bad Credit Rating?
Yes. Cash1 does not employ traditional credit reporting agencies and will not look at the borrower's credit history. Cash1 does their own evaluations if customers can pay the payday loan.

If Customers Have Some Issues With Cash1 Services, What Can They Do?
Cash1 always welcomes any comments and suggestions from their clients. If customers have an issue that is not resolved by the store manager, they can call the Cash1 Customer Comment Line 1-800-683-9683 toll free. Cash 1's friendly customer service representatives are ready to clear their concerns. However, if there is an issue that cannot be resolved by both parties, the Cash1 agreement states that customers can take the issue to a small claims court or request arbitration.

Contact Cash 1

9370 Gateway Drive
Reno, NV 89521
Toll Free: (800) 988 7715
Phone: (775) 852 6400
Fax: (775) 852 6411

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