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UnitedCheckCashing first opened in Philadelphia, PA in 1977. Starting from one branch, the owners continued to manage several check cashing centers until they decided to expand their services by offering franchise opportunities in 1992. This led to the creation of a United Financial Services Group, Inc.

From its inception, UnitedCheckCashing has set an example in entrepreneurship and customer service. UnitedCheckCashing is a model of business expansion in the financial service industry with excellent customer management. UnitedCheckCashing continues to be a prime alternative to traditional banks.

UnitedCheckCashing holds franchises all over the United States, with each branch licensed with the department of banking, complying with state and federal laws. UnitedCheckCashing works on very reasonable fees and is affordable enough compared to market averages. Meanwhile, UnitedCheckCashing owners are continually appreciative for the support that UnitedCheckCashing gives.

UnitedCheckCashing builds on a warm and professional atmosphere, following the pattern of community banks. By conducting business in a light and friendly manner, UnitedCheckCashing paves the way in understanding the people that do business with the company.

Unlike a typical bank, UnitedCheckCashing branches are more accessible. UnitedCheckCashing branches have friendlier business hours, and are placed on key locations so that anybody can get to them. UnitedCheckCashing will cash their check and provide resources to help customers pay their bills, wire money, and accomplish other financial requirements.

UnitedCheckCashing offers payday loans in states where they are allowed. The short-term loans, as allowed by state law, are only offered to individuals aged 18 years old and above, have a steady employment, and an active checking account. Customers should also have a working phone at home.

UnitedCheckCashing offer payday loans in Colorado, California, Florida, and Kentucky.

Contact UnitedCheckCashing

325 Chestnut Street, Suite 3000
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Toll Free: 1-800-626-0787

Phone: 215-238-0300
Fax: 215-238-9056

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