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SpeedyCash opened its doors in 1997 when it became evident that customers needed a service that would provide them with small consumer loans. Customers will find SpeedyCash in many states, providing financial services of high quality to its customers.

SpeedyCash is a different company and customers easily recognize that difference.

The clean, professional and safe environment SpeedyCash provides for its customers is something the company is most proud of.

SpeedyCash stands out from its competitors because of the practice of designing and investing in stores that provide visual appeal to the customers. All SpeedyCash stores are well managed and have a strong commitment to the community.

The SpeedyCash customer base comes from people who are hard working and sometimes find themselves short of cash. They use the services SpeedyCash provides because they want to make a sound financial decision for their lives.

The goal of SpeedyCash is to add value to every community where it sets up business. It is not uncommon for SpeedyCash to sponsor local sports teams or church groups to aid them in their fundraising efforts. SpeedyCash also believes that children should be safe, and in that respect they have a Child Safety Program providing a free Child Identification Kit to parents and guardians.

SpeedyCash believes in operating in a high ethical manner and in treating its customers with fairness and respect. In fact, SpeedyCash goes beyond the "Best Practices" of the industry with its culture focused on the customers.

Products and Services of SpeedyCash

SpeedyCash believes that customers should be treated with friendliness and professionalism. Therefore SpeedyCash staff is ready to provide the safe service customers need by being friendly and professional at all times.

It does not matter why SpeedyCash customers need cash. It may be for an emergency that came up, money to pay bills or for other needs. SpeedyCash is ready to provide customers with the short-term loan they need.

At SpeedyCash customers can obtain a payday loan, a title loan, a signature loan or simply cash their paycheck. In addition, SpeedyCash sells stamps, handles the sale and sending of Money Orders, and performs wire transfers and fax services. However, customers in some states may not be able to obtain all of these services because of the laws of their particular state.

To contact SpeedyCash, the address is:

3527 N. Ridge Road
Wichita, KS 67205

Or by telephone: 1-800-263-4574

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