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CashAmerica Inc. is a diverse finance company that serves the needs of individuals that need help with their banking services. CashAmerica is a leader in the market, in terms of offering individuals secured non-recourse lending, which is often referred to as pawn loans. Currently, CashAmerica has over 450 pawnshops in operation spread throughout the United States under the brand names of SuperPawn and CashAmerica Pawn.

In addition, CashAmerica offers other types of financial services through the company's network of lending locations or their subsidiary companies. Services for check cashing are provided at check cashing centers through Mr. Payroll®. Available from most of Cash America pawnshops short-term cash advances are provided, through the company's Cash America branded Payday Advance locations and through Cashland, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CashAmerica. Cash advances can also be obtained online from CashNet USA, which is a CashAmerica Internet distribution channel.

The deployment of stand-alone Payday Advance locations in the state of Texas began by CashAmerica in December of 2002. There has been continued growth in this area, as there are currently around 100 store locations. CashAmerica-branded Payday Advances are now offered in California, as well as Texas. These payday advance stores are conveniently located and they can offer customers the ability to obtain quick cash. The types of short-term cash advances that can be obtained through these stores can be completed in minutes.

CashAmerica announced that they had acquired CashNetUSA on September 18, 2006. It was at this time that CashAmerica entered the Internet-based Payday Advance market. CashNetUSA offers customers payday loans in 27 states in America. To find out if the payday loan services provided by CashNetUSA are available in the state you reside in you can visit

What can I do if I am ever not satisfied with the service that I receive from Cash America?

The goal of CashAmerica is to provide their customers with both friendly and professional service. If you experience service that is either unfriendly or not professional, which is what you should expect, then contact the customer service department at CashAmerica via e-mail at or by phone by calling 1-800-645-2203.

Not only does CashAmerica have the most locations in the United States, but they are also the most well known brand in the pawn industry. Pawn lending is not a new business, as there are some accounts that there was pawn loans made over 3,000 years ago! However, CashAmerica has reinvented pawn lending by modernizing both the style and business practices. Since CashAmerica's beginning in 1984, the company has reinvented the pawn industry's image with well-staffed shops, using staff that is professionally trained. Currently, CashAmerica is a leader in the industry and they are proud to sever the needs of under-banked individuals in the United States.

In the neighborhoods that CashAmerica serves, the company is very well known, as being the place where convenient cash loans can be easily obtained. The CashAmerica are well lit and have friendly and professional staff that know the needs of their customers and respond in a quick manner when their customers are in need of a quick loan. The CashAmerica logo of blue and white is easily recognizable and is always present in offering a place where individuals can get a pawn loan. The CashAmerica logo also symbolizes great values on quality pre-owned merchandise, including but not limited to tools, home electronics, jewelry, and sporting goods.

Cash America History

The story of CashAmerica began in 1983 when the founder of the company, Jack Daugherty, had a dream to establish a nationwide company that would offer financial services to individuals that had been ignored by financial institutions of the traditional type. The foundation of Mr. Dougherty's dream was a single pawnshop that he operated and made a profit on for many years. Mr. Dougherty fully understood every aspect of the management of a pawn business, not only the simplicity of the pawn transaction. What is equally important is the fact that he understood that, "THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES FIRST" attitude, which always increases the success of any customer service based business.

January of 1987 saw the first initial public offering (IPO) of CashAmerica, which was traded on the American Stock Exchange. CashAmerica's shares moved to the New York Stock Exchange in August of 1990 and currently are traded under the symbol "CSH."

From CashAmerica's first pawnshop, the company has seen steady growth and has a combined strategy of the acquisition of already existing pawnshops, as well as opening new locations. CashAmerica acquired Harvey and Thomson, which was the largest chain of pawnshops in the United Kingdom, in 1992. CashAmerica acquired the largest chain of pawnshops in Sweden, Svensk Pantbelåning, in 1994. In that same year CashAmerica acquired Mr. Payroll Corporation, which was the largest convenience store based check-cashing service in the United States.

CashAmerica announced in August of 2003 that they had acquired Cashland, which was a consumer finance center chain that offered payday advances, money transfers, check cashing, and other various financial services.

In September of 2004 CashAmerica announced that they had sold off the company's European operations. They also announced that an agreement was in place to buy SuperPawn, which is the largest independent pawn operator based in the United States.

CashAmerica announced in December of 2004 that the purchase agreement to buy SuperPawn was complete, which allowed the company to enter four new western states.

CashAmerica announced on September 18, 2006 that they had acquired CashNetUSA, which would enter them into the Internet based payday advance market. CashNetUSA offers payday loans to individuals in 27 states in America.

Currently, Cash America is the largest operator of pawnshops the world over.

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