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A leader in collateralized lending for the western United States, Super Pawn operates 42 locations in California, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. Super Pawn has always run its business with its mission of providing top notch customer service in both its retail operations and its financial solution offerings. There will always be a need for short term financial assistance and Super Pawn provides that through its pawn loans and cash advance services.

In 2004, Super Pawn was the largest independently owned and operated pawnshop chain in the United States when it was purchased by Cash America. By becoming part of the Cash America network, the acquisition of Super Pawn enabled Cash America to reach four new states with its financial services. Having a publically owned parent company with its financial backing has enabled Super Pawn to further expand its jewelry specialization making it a premier place to buy fine jewelry at reasonable prices.

Super Pawn Consumer Financial Services

Collateralized lending, commonly known as pawn lending, is the initial offering started by Super Pawn. Super Pawn has always enjoyed a reputation for providing the highest value loans on valuables that is possible. Borrowers need only bring in their items such as jewelry, sporting goods or home electronics to quickly get the most cash for their items. This type of loan is easily accessible and within the reach of anyone since there is no credit check, co-signers or hassle involved.

Since becoming a part of the Cash America network, Super Pawn also offers cash advance services at many of their locations. With a cash advance, consumers are borrowing on their next paycheck instead of having to provide an item as security. These are easy to obtain by showing proper identification and verifying some personal information such as source and amount of income. This is another way that Super Pawn is assisting with its customers short term financial needs.

Super Pawn Consumer Retail Operations

Super Pawn prides itself on offering only quality name brand pre-owned merchandise. Shoppers will find great prices on top quality televisions, stereos, cameras, sporting goods, household appliances and so much more at any nearby branch. The top attraction through Super Pawn is the fine jewelry that they offer.

Staffed by experienced jewelry experts, Super Pawn is famous for its distinctive fine jewelry. They have a selection of jewelry that cannot be matched by any other retail outlet and have choices to fit any taste or budget. Customers will not find this large a variety of fine jewelry at any other location.

Super Pawn has been operating a website located at www.Super for the past four years. This enables customers to browse through the entire inventory for whatever items they are looking for. More than 125,000 pieces of jewelry can be viewed on the website every day at savings from 40% to 80% over other retailers. Customers can save on shipping by picking their purchases up at whichever branch is closest to customers.

Super Pawn Policies

Super Pawn is scrupulous in its adherence to any laws governing pawn lending and cash advance services. In fact, the company sets a fine example to other lenders in the industry by being a pioneer in data sharing with law enforcement and other federal agencies. Its daily business practices are based on ethical principles in both its financial and retail operations.

Super Pawn stands completely behind its products and provides only quality pre-owned merchandise to its customers. Every purchase is satisfaction guaranteed. Customers should review the complete Return Policy and Procedures when making a purchase at either our retail locations or through the website.

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