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EZ Money is a business that has a number of different physical branches in several states. The physical branches of the EZ Money company can be visited in regions of Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas; in all, EZ Money has more than 380 physical branches. EZ Money provides customers with signature loans and the company also provides customers with signature loan services in some of the EZPAWN locations in the latter states as well.

EZ Money promises its customers responsive customer service and the company ensures that every customer is treated fairly and with a great deal of respect. EZ Money strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere wherever the business is being conducted and consumers can rest assured in knowing that they can turn to EZ Money for confidential loan services.

The signature loans provided by EZ Money are loans that consumers can turn to if in need of immediate cash; the cash can be used to prevent financial disasters or the signature loan can be used to pay sudden bills, or to prevent bounced check fees from happening. Further EZ Money payday loans can be accessed if a customer needs to pay off a bill that would otherwise be paid late if the consumer did not apply for an EZ Money signature loan. Chiefly, a signature loan helps a customer to financially stay afloat, at least for the short term. Such loans however, should not be depended upon all of the time and are for solving financial issues that need to be addressed with immediacy and urgency only.

EZ Money has a website that a customer can visit to review how EZ Money services work: EZ A complete listing of EZ Money physical locations is listed on the EZ Money site. If a customer is looking for a payday loan company that is strictly committed to delivering professional customer service and fast financial solutions, EZ Money is the company to turn to. The company is currently also assisting individuals with credit rebuilding and/or credit building assistance; EZ Money works hand in hand with PRBC and will report a payday loan repayment with the national credit bureau if a consumer chooses such an option. When turning to EZ Money, a customer can be approved within fifteen minutes time as long as the customer visits a physical branch with necessary documentation in hand. The documentation required for EZ Money payday loan approval includes a current phone bill, a current bank statement, a state issued photo identification, or a valid license issued from one's state of residence, a paystub to prove earnings and a voided check from one's checking account for proof of an active account.

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