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How to Get a Cash Advance with Think Cash

If customers suddenly find themselves short of money, they have the option of applying to Think Cash. With Think Cash, customers can get money quickly with their easy on-line application process. This is a great way for people to get a short term loan without the bother of going to a bank or the costs of a payday loan.

There is no paperwork involved, no waiting in line, and the approval process is short when applying with Think Cash. The decision is made in seconds on the loan application any time of the day. Customers can get from $250 to $2500 by the next business day.

Usually, the rates at Think Cash are 25-75% lower than Payday Loans. Customers also have the benefit of convenient payment options. At Think Cash, customers have the choice of paying their loan in several installments or they can pay it off completely at any time with no penalties.

Most on-line payday lenders charge 20 to 30 per hundred dollars borrowed for every 2 weeks customers keep the loan. That is 521% to 782% APR. Customers may still owe the entire loan fee even if they pay the loan off early. Think Cash charges only $1 per day per $100 borrowed (365% APR) for small short-term loans. For larger loans, Think Cash only charges 24 cents per day per $100 borrowed. (87% APR) Think Cash not only permits but encourages early payment with no penalties. An example would be if customers pay off their loan in 3 days then they will only pay 3 days worth of interest.

Note: Think Cash provides fast access to cash for customers who need between $250 and $2500. Think Cash loans cost less than Payday Loans, but customers may be qualified for lower cost forms of credit. Think Cash encourages customers to evaluate all their credit alternatives.

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