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Starting as a simple check cashing company in 1987, CashLand Loans has come a long way from its original Dayton, Ohio location. CashLand Loans now offers a wide range of consumer financial services at close to 200 branches throughout Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. CashLand Loans serves thousands of customers every week, helping them meet their short-term funding needs.

CashLand Loans has grown over the years to become the largest cash advance provider in the state of Ohio. On August 4, 2003, CashLand Loans was acquired by Cash America. The CashLand Loans locations continue to operate under its well-known brand, although now owned completely by Cash America.

Customers can walk into any CashLand Loans branch and know that they can obtain check cashing services, purchase money orders, access Western Union for wire transfer needs, or obtain a cash advance for an emergency money situation. CashLand Loans has a reputation for excellent service, and all transactions are handled with the same friendly, courteous professionalism. CashLand Loans takes seriously its promise to get customers in and out fast with the cash they need as symbolized by the CashLand Loans slogan "The Cash Carryout".

Customers can call CashLand Loans any time to speak with a customer service representative directly. Call CashLand Loans's toll-free number at 1-877-690-CASH and choose extension 2274. CashLand Loans's goal is to help customers resolve any questions or issues they may have with CashLand Loans's services.

If preferred, customers can contact CashLand Loans by mail:

CashLand Loans Financial Services, Inc.
100 E. Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Website: http://www.CashLand

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